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Birth Pool Rentals


I am proud to offer La Bassine Birth Pools, one of the leading and highest ranked birth pools on the market, for rental in the Central Okanagan. The birth pools book up quick, so reach out via the contact form below to inquire about availability.

Discounts for birth pool rentals are applied with the booking of a birth package. 

What are the benefits of water in labor + birth? 

Women have been using water in labor + birth for decades as a means to improve their sense of comfort, reduce pain, and use the natural relaxing properties that water can provide to the body. Hydrotherapy can:

  • Reduce sensations of discomfort/pain

  • Shorten the first stage of labor (dilation) by 32 minutes (Evidence Based Birth, 2018)

  • Reduce tearing, risk of infection, blood loss and use of medical pain management

  • Increase the sense of satisfaction with the birth process, feelings of relaxation and shortened labors.

  • Allow for more mobility and movement in labor

  • Reduce the body’s release of stress hormones which increases the flow of endorphins and oxytocin.


What is included in the rental?

Your rental will include everything you need to safely set-up, use and deflate your birth pool. Your rental will include:

  • La Bassine birth pool that is made with strong  eco-friendly vinyl, inflatable bottom to increase comfort, anti-flooding mechanisms, and ample room for you to move comfortably

  • A 25' clean drinking hose and adaptor for your faucet

  • A floating thermometer to ensure you can keep your pool at the desired temperature

  • submersible pump

  • A pool liner (one time use only)

  • A small handheld net

All of your rental items will be included in a bin for easy collection and storage. Pickup can be arranged in West Kelowna, or I am happy to offer delivery + pickup for an additional $15 within the Central  Okanagan. 

It is recommended that you lay down a tarp to prevent damage to your floors, and prevent slipping. This is not included in your rental.


When do I get the birth pool?

Your rental window will start at 37 weeks pregnant until up to 3 days postpartum. Pickup of your rental can be arranged in West Kelowna, or I am happy to bring it to you within the Central Okanagan for an additional $15.

Within the first few days after your birth, I will come to pick it up to allow you to focus on your own healing and connection in those first few days.


Are the birth pools sanitary and safe for me and my baby?

Yes absolutely! Your health and well-being is my top priority. Each pool is cleaned with eco-friendly cleaners that meet the standards for your health after each rental, and is then stored in a sealed container for the next booking. 

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Complete the contact form below to inquire about availability for your upcoming birth.
Please include your estimated due date in your message.

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